Enrollment Open for Jackson County Virtual School

Jackson County Schools is currently accepting enrollments for the fall semester for Virtual School. Virtual school classes are available to students in kindergarten through grade 12. To participate in the virtual school program, students must be enrolled in Jackson County Schools.

            Students will receive grades for all courses taken through the virtual school program and the grades will become a part of the student’s educational transcript.

This program provides high quality online instruction through the West Virginia Virtual School. Students enrolled in virtual school must have daily access to reliable internet service.

For student participating in the virtual program at the elementary and middle school level, the school system provides an iPad for use during the courses. At the high school level, students are provided with a MacBook. The parent/guardian of the students is financially responsible for the technology device while it is assigned to the student.

Given the developmental and maturity level of elementary age students, it is necessary for the parent/guardian to encourage and monitor their child’s progress on a regular basis. A weekly call between the child, their parent/guardian and a teacher supporting the virtual instruction is also required. These steps will offer your child the best changes to make progress on the virtual school setting.

Elementary Brochure for Virtual School - https://5il.co/imqq
Secondary Brochure for Virtual School - https://5il.co/imqp

Enrollment for virtual school may be completed online by using this link: https://tinyurl.com/JCSVS2021 or by submitting a completed enrollment for to:

                        Jackson County Schools

                        Att: Virtual School Coordinator

                        PO Box 770

                        Ripley, WV 25271

            The complete policy regarding the Virtual School Program is available online at Jackson County Schools Website or by using the following link: https://5il.co/ikh6

 If you need additional information regarding the Jackson County Virtual School program please call (304) 372-7306.