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First day of school for students will be Wednesday, August 18, 2021. 

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School Opening Information for 2021-2022 School Year Superintendent’s Message

We are excited for the start of a new school year and look forward to having your child back in our classrooms as school opens on Wednesday, August 18, 2021. The COVID pandemic has been an extremely challenging time for your child and your family. Our lives have been filled with changes and new ways of approaching school and our every day lives. I appreciate the great level of cooperation and support the school system has received from students, parents, and community partners throughout these challenging and often trying times.

Our schools were busy places this summer with many students involved in summer programs designed to promote academic growth and provide enrichment opportunities for students. As we approach the start of a new school year, I am pleased that Jackson County Schools will open for students, in Grades 1-12, on Wednesday August 18, 2021, and will operate, in-person, on a traditional five (5) day per week schedule.

Preschool and Kindergarten: Students enrolled in preschool and kindergarten will be scheduled for screening and home or school visits during the opening days of school. The parents/guardians of preschool and kindergarten students will be contacted by their child’s teacher to schedule visits and necessary screening activities.

Although progress has been made during the COVID pandemic, it is necessary to implement protocols and procedures to help reduce the spread of COVID. The protocols outlined in this plan are subject to change based on orders from state officials or health agencies.

I’m looking forward to a successful year of school for our students and I know that the teachers, support staff, and principals of your child’s school will be prepared for their return to school. If you have any questions regarding your child’s school or opening of school activities, please contact your child’s school.


Blaine C. Hess


Health and Wellness

Anyone, either staff or student, exhibiting symptoms of COVID is to remain at home until cleared by a medical professional. Anyone present on Jackson County Schools/ property who is exhibiting symptoms of COVID will be asked to leave and immediately consult a physician.

Students: Parents are asked to conduct daily home screening of symptoms prior to students reporting to school each day. Elementary teachers will monitor students for atypical symptoms that need to be referred to the school nurse for additional screening. Secondary students should self-monitor and report any new symptoms to parents or to school staff if becoming ill/symptomatic at school. Any individual found to have a temperature above 100.4° will be further screened by the school nurse or other designee to verify the temperature. If a temperature of 100.4° is confirmed, the student will not be permitted to remain at the school. A student presenting with fever or symptoms will be quarantined in a supervised isolation area until pick-up by parent/guardian or designee approved on the student’s emergency contact form.

Employees: Any employee with a fever of 100.4° or greater will be dismissed from duty and will leave the property immediately. Information regarding COVID testing will be provided courtesy of local healthcare partners.

Physician consultation with COVID testing is recommended for any staff member or student exhibiting symptoms.

The Jackson County Health Department will continue to conduct contact tracing of individuals who have tested positive for COVID. Those individuals who are known to have had close contact with an infected individual will be required to quarantine consistent with the following CDC guidelines:

Those exposed to a direct, household contact must be quarantined for 14 days per Jackson County Board of Health. In this case, there is no option for early release from quarantine.


Option 1

Quarantine period can end after Day 10 without testing and if no symptoms have been identified during daily self- monitoring. Post-quarantine transmission risk: 1%-10%

Day 0*-10 quarantine for close contacts can end if no symptoms develop during daily self-monitoring without testing.

 If an individual develops symptoms within the quarantine period, immediately isolate and contact the local health department to report change in clinical status.

Option 2

Quarantine period can end after Day 7 if someone tests negative (PCR or antigen test) and if no symptoms have been identified during daily self- monitoring. Post-quarantine transmission risk: 5%-12%

  •   Day 0*-7 quarantine for close contact can end if COVID test is negative and if no symptoms develop during daily self-monitoring.

  •   Specimen may be collected and tested within 48 hours before the time of planned quarantine discontinuation.

  •   Self-monitoring and mask wearing should be continuous.

  •   If an individual develops symptoms within the quarantine period, immediately isolate and contact public health to report change in clinical status. *Duration of quarantine applies from the last date of exposure.

General Information

Cafeterias/Food Service

  1. Cooks will prepare meals in the kitchen for possible delivery to classrooms.

  2. Health Department regulations require those preparing and serving food to wear a face covering.

  3. Cafeteria seating will be spaced to the extent practical.

  4. Cafeteria tables and touch surfaces shall be sanitized after each meal service period.

  5. Students and staff shall wash hands before and after meals.

  6. Hand sanitizer shall be provided in the cafeteria.


  1. All student desks shall be faced in the same direction and be as socially distanced as practical.

  2. If students must change classrooms, desks and touch surfaces will be sanitized in classrooms when classes are changed.

  3. Students and staff are required to clean hands upon entry to each classroom.

  4. Shared equipment will be sanitized between each use.

    Entering/Exiting School Buildings

  1. All students, staff, and visitors will enter/exit the building only through designated points of entry or exit.

  2. When entering the building, students will proceed directly to classrooms or designated staging areas.

    Extra-curricular/Athletic Activities

1. Extra-curricular/Athletic activities will operate as scheduled.

Face Coverings

  1. The Center for Disease Control, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Jackson County Health Department recommend the use of face coverings for staff and students.

  2. Employees and parents/guardians are asked to carefully consider the recommendations of health officials concerning face coverings and make an informed decision regarding whether they or their child will wear a face covering.

  3. If requested, Jackson County Schools will provide face coverings for students or staff.

  4. The status regarding the use of face-covering is subject to change.


1. All hallway traffic will be socially distanced with lanes and directions designated. Students are to keep their hands to themselves and refrain from touching surfaces and lockers.


  1. Students will be taught and encouraged to use proper hand washing techniques.

  2. Hand sanitizer, which will be available in all classrooms, shall be used by individuals when entering the classroom.

  3. Tissues will be available in all classrooms.

  4. Students will not drink directly from water fountains. Each school will be equipped with a water bottle filling station(s). Students will be provided a reusable water bottle for their personal use.

  5. If students must change classrooms, desks and touch surfaces in classrooms will be sanitized when classes are changed.

  6. Any classroom equipment required to be used by multiple students will be used by one student at a time and sanitized after each use.

  7. Evening-shift custodians shall sanitize touch surfaces in classrooms, computer labs, doorknobs/levers/bars, light switches, and common areas each night. Electrostatic sprayers will be used in the cleaning process in schools.


1. Recess and physical activity periods will be granted to specific classrooms on a schedule, keeping groups of students in a particular classroom together. Physical activities will be designed to maximize distance and reduce contact.


  1. Restroom breaks will be given one student or small groups of students at a time, as needed.

  2. Students will be reminded of proper hand washing techniques.

School Bus Transportation

  1. Drivers and passengers are encouraged to wear a face covering on the bus.

  2. Face coverings will be available upon request.

  3. Hand sanitizer will be available and is required to be used by all occupants when boarding the bus.

  4. Seating charts will be utilized on each bus.

  5. Information regarding bus routes will be posted on the Jackson County Schools website www.boe.jack.k12.wv.us no later than August 3, 2021.

  6. Due to capacity limits due to COVID, bus passes will not be issued for students not normally assigned to the bus.

  7. Windows will be lowered to at least one level, weather permitting, to encourage the flow of fresh air on the bus.

  8. Generally, no more than two (2) students will be seated in a seat. Children from he same family will be permitted to sit three (3) to a seat, depending on the seating capacity of the bus.

  9. Established regulations relating to the seating of pre-school students on the school bus remain in effect.

   10. Students will remain seated, with hands to themselves, from the time they board the bus      until disembarking. 

   11. Students will disembark, one at a time, in an orderly fashion beginning from the front of the bus and proceeding to the rear of the bus.

  12. Students identified with COVID symptoms while at school will not be transported home by school bus at the end of the school day. 

   13. Bus operators shall sanitize the seats and touch surfaces after every bus run. Sanitation may be accomplished by approved disinfectant wipes, liquid, or electrostatic sprayers.

School Assemblies/Programs

1. School-wide assemblies and/or programs should be limited, if possible.

/Sign-out Procedures

1. Adults authorized to sign students in or out of school may be held in the visitor vestibule area rather than being admitted into the school during the sign-in/sign- out process.

Virtual School Instruction

Jackson County Schools may provide Virtual School instruction, under certain situations for students in grades 6-12. Virtual School classes are rigorous online courses provided through the WV Virtual School. Jackson County Policy 2370.01: Virtual School can be located on the Jackson County Schools Website for your review.

For information regarding enrollment in Virtual Classes, please call Joanna McKown, Virtual School Coordinator, at (304) 372-7306.


  1. Symptom screening may be conducted for visitors exhibiting COVID symptoms when entering the building.

  2. Visitors may be restricted to the front office area, administrative office, counseling office, or conference areas.

  3. Hand sanitizer will be available and shall be used by visitors upon entry to the office area.

  4. Approved school volunteers must have proof of COVID vaccination on file in the school office.